Spring is on the horizon! That means warmer weather, sunny days to enjoy outside, and attending events. It also means babies are hitting the ground! It is time to prepare for spring/summer and moving from winterizing our barns to spring cleaning.

For LivestockCity, we are still working behind the scenes to make us the best platform available for livestock owners. You may have signed up on our site, but have you really taken the time to see all that it offers?

Organisms that can harm our livestock also begin to manifest a little more, so be sure to have an up to date preventive maintenance plan. Talk with your vet about formulating a schedule of when and what to give your animals for best results. Use our free online herd management tool to keep track of records and create reminders of when things are due.



The llama “May Days” sale is now accepting sale entries.

Farm Stores Marketplace

Do you want to create another revenue stream? Even if you already sell from your own website, locally, or somewhere else, why not maximize your sales by having a store on our platform too? This is a new feature, and we are looking for the “brave” people that lead the way, are not afraid to be the first or take a chance (risk free of course), and will create their own store on our marketplace. It is not just for meat/dairy products — sell your wool and other products, even honey and maple syrup on the marketplace.

Final Thoughts

We get it. We understand that a new site needs time to gain its ground — we are here for the long haul. We know that there are sites like Facebook, X, Instagram, and others that you are already using. That is fine – we also use those sites. But you don’t just use one of them– you use many of these sites.

Why is that? We would guess it depends, but from a business perspective, you want to be where your potential customers are, and they are on all of them. Maybe it is hard to see it right now, but one day LivestockCity will also be a

place where your customers are, except nearly everyone on our platform will be interested in farming. It is a specialized network of those that farm or want to farm. So embrace it – set up on our site now. We have more features on the way– unannounced things that are coming soon. We ask you to participate by logging in, setting up your user profile, farm page, add some animals, join an online auction or start your own, make a few posts, make some new friends, and open a farm store if it pertains to you. We are glad you are here!

The LivestockCity Team

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