January 2024 News

Welcome to a new year!  As we look forward to 2024, we have set the bar high for LivestockCity. 2023  was a great year for LivestockCity.  We introduced new features such as Online Auctions, Realtime Messaging,  and Farm Stores Marketplace.   We made progress with our soon to be released mobile apps, and made countless other bug fixes and other enhancements to the site.  We accomplished  a lot in 2023, but in 2024, we are ready to build upon what we’ve already put in place.

Here’s what to expect in 2024 from LivestockCity:

1) Growth of the network.  We have basically built a “specialized” network (specialized because it is primarily built for livestock farmers) that is comparable to sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, X(Twitter), Instagram, etc.   The main difference is most of our users are farmers.  And if you want to really have an audience of farmers following your profile that will truly appreciate and engage with your photos and posts, then you should be on LivestockCity.  We are finding that when users set up their Farm Profile page, it is being picked in search engines like Google., making it easier for people to discover/find you.  The network will keep getting bigger, and over the next few years will begin expanding to other countries.

2) More online auctions.  Do you want to increase your sales/revenue in 2024?  We have set up an amazing auction platform where any user can set up an auction to sell livestock or non-livestock.  Things such as hay, tractors, farm vehicles, UTVs, electric clippers, scales, etc. can be listed (just like Ebay).  You can host your own livestock auction or production sale.  A sale can consist of just one animal or 100+ animals.   This auction format has been been shown to work by other sale sites. To incentivize the auctions, we are offering a limited amount of online auctions at reduced commission (5%)Hurry, if you want this deal and contact us.

3) Farmstores Marketplace.  Do you sell animal food products (meats, dairy) or non-food animal products (wool, yarn, clothing, leather, etc.)?  If so, then you should consider opening up your own store on LivestockCity.  It costs $0 to open a store and there is a small amount of commission on each sale.  You will benefit from our advertising and promotion of our marketplace.  If you are trying to break into this market, this is a great place to begin.  Contact us for more information.

4) More Features Introduced.  We are currently working on some new services to offer.  We cannot tell you what these new features are just yet, but every big feature we create is designed to either help with the farming operation or increase farm revenue.   Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

5) A new design for the website.   We have begun working on a new design, but we are not sure when it will be ready.  The site is being optimized currently to make it perform faster.   The new design would be designed to give a better user experience.

What are your farming goals for 2024?

Do you want to increase your revenue stream?  Grow your network of farmer contacts? Sell more animals? Sell hay or farm equipment?  Begin selling food products or wool/yarns?  Or do you want to organize your animal records for fast retrieval and know when vaccinations are due, etc.?  Maybe you just want more public exposure and discovery of your farm.  LivestockCity can with all of these things.  If you received this by email, then you have already taken the first step by signing up at LivestockCity.  In 2024, it is time to take the next step and use our site to your advantage.   We suggest setting up your user profile and farm profile as a great place to start.

Have a great year everyone, and we hope to connect with you on LivestockCity.