History of the March Madness Sale

After a long break from it, I decided to bring back the sale I was known for in the llama industry, the March Madness Sale.  I am Jim White, co-founder and CEO of LivestockCity.  Prior to working on LivestockCity, I ran a couple sites called LlamaSalesList.Com and AlpacaSalesList.Com.  Starting in 2003, I first created LlamaSalesList as a site for breeders to post llamas they wanted to sell. Then in the fall of 2004, we hosted our first online auction.   The following spring of 2005, we offered our first March Madness sale.  We ran these sales until around 2011, when we started to think about creating a new site that would eventually be known as LivestockCity.  Our sale was usually the first sale of the year in the llama industry during those years.

Our Long (Self)Anticipated Return

Our road back to auctions was arduous and full of mishaps.  It took a long time to return because the product we wanted to produce is complex. We coded all of our features in-house, including the auction site.  Development like this can take some time to do.  The previous sites weren’t nearly as sophisticated or as advanced as LivestockCity.  We did not have a built-in social network before, and we only operated a llama site and an alpaca site.  Now we operate one site that handles all types of livestock.  We are glad to finally be able to offer online auctions again to the livestock community.   Our sales are not just for animals.  We are also set up to sell farm equipment, hay, farm vehicles, etc.

Production Sales

We will be opening up the auction platform to anyone that wants us to host their production sale.  You do not need to wait for us to set up your auction. You will be able to simply go under the auctions section and set up your sale.  You can select the animals you want to sell (assuming you have already entered them for record keeping. If not, you can add them).  This is also true for auctions not involving animals, such as selling hay.  Your event will post to the auction page so viewers will know you are having a sale, and they can preview your animals.  The auction will automatically start when the start date/time arrives.

Future Sales

We will be retiring the name “March Madness” from our usage after these sales in March.  We thought we could use it one more time, but now it just seems a bit cliché.  “March Madness” is everywhere from department store sales to basketball.  So this will be the last event that we name March Madness.

We will continue to offer these national type sales in all animal industries, in addition to single farm production sales and dispersals.   If you are interested in having your own sale, we have some specials, such as 10% back on commission for any sales we host in the upcoming months.  Contact us for more information about this or any questions you have.


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